Monday, June 9, 2008

Barb's progress since getting home.

Since getting home Barb has progressed rather nicely. She walks up and down the stairs to the second floor for showers. We are both sleeping on the recliner couch in the living room as it slightly elevates so she sleeps better. (Last night she had me lower it as far as it goes which is also progress). Barb has had several good nights sleep and is feeling stronger each day. When we first got home she needed help getting off the couch as it is a bit low to the floor. Now she get up on her own. She still needs help with the putting on / taking off walking socks and her brace plus taking showers.

A little recent history:

Thursday / Friday: Home but exhausted. I picked up one of those plastic lifts for the commode as otherwise it is too low to the floor.

Saturday: Donna, Howard, Angie, Brent and Joy, Rob, Austin visited


We started paying more attention to which meds have affects on how Barb feels:

Hydrocodone makes her a bit tired.
Furosemide seems to stimulate her to cough a bit and of course stimulates the expected trips to the bathroom.
Carvedilol makes her feel like she is floating. Combined with Enalapril... She goes to sleep for at least half an hour.
Lipitor: She does not seem to notice an affect.

Joy picked up Bev at the airport (Bev is staying the week to help Barb) Rob, Brook, Austin, Angie, Brent, John, Casey, Peyton, Jack came for a visit and cooked steaks, fish tacos and made salads. (The kids had frozen pizza). Our next door neighbor Kim brought us wonderfully tasty roast beef and Rosemary baked potatoes. (As you can see there is no risk we will go hungry)

Barb had some issue with constipation over the last 4 days which is no longer an issue.


We noticed a little (light orange) drainage on Barb's incision. I called the doctors office and left a message. We are timing Barb's meds around their effect on her. She also switched from hydrocodone to Tylenol for the pain med during the day today. Stacy from Dr Hammond's office called back. We will go see him at 10:45am tomorrow. She said it could be the beginning of an infection, but she doubts it. I had planned to go to work tomorrow, but will go with her instead. We started a list of questions for the Dr.

Barb, Bev and I went for a drive to get my car's registration renewed. Then we went to Dairy queen for grilled chicken sandwiches. Barb also directed a driving tour to show Bev some houses and property for sale in the area. Barb is in a great mood and feeling energized. :)

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