Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday June 10th

Barb was feeling low and moving pretty slow this morning.
Dr Hamman looked at the incision and said the little bit of weeping of fluid happens and is nothing to worry about. We discussed the effects of the varios drugs: Furosemide will not make one cough. It is OK to move the timing of drugs around. None of them have to be taken at the same time as others. As in, we can move the Carvedilol and Enalapril to be an hour apart. That way they will not affect her so much. In trying to asses how she is doing, Dr Hamman asked her if she could walk 100 yds (No way). He says as bad off as Barb's heart was (congestive heart failure) prior to surgery it will take her longer than usual to fully recover. He says she should start Cardiac rehab in about one week. We will have to figure out how to get her there and back home three times a week.

On the way West, we came across Stavros (Greek restaurant) on Northwest Highway and had lunch. Barb and Bev had a Greek salad. I went for the heart healthy ( yeah, right) Gyros plate.

This evening, Barb is again feeling better.


Angela2932 said...

I'm so glad the incision site looks good! Does Barb have a pedometer? These little gadgets are great for watching walking ability increase. They measure walking in steps, and sell them at any sporting goods stores. If you write down the number of steps on a daily basis, you can see the progress. The Omron is my favorite pedometer http://walking.about.com/od/measure/tp/pedometer.htm I've also seen them at CVS.

Bob Cheney said...

No pedometer so far. We'll have to pick one up. One of our little challenges is there is not much room to walk inside the house and it's too hot for her to walk outside just yet.