Tuesday, June 3, 2008


John and Joy were here at 7AM. Barb is doing OK, but not great. I left for work around 7:30. The plan s for Joy to stay with Barb until Joy DiGiavoni comes in the afternoon. Angie was here after I left. Angie and Joy (P) went with Barb for a lap around the nurses station. After lunch Barb got a breathing treatment which helped a lot. Joy D and Barb did a lap around the nurses station. Barb is really having trouble with her right foot turning out because it is so weak.

One of Dr Hamman's PAs came by (Don't know her name) and answered our list of questions: Results of X-Ray / pertaining to the knot on top of chest incision = OK. Barb can only use her cane for ballance, not to lean on. Breathlessness = breathing treatments and back on a little O2. Neck pain should go away.

They are going to have someone come in the A.M to fit Barb for a brace for her foot.

I got back from work around 5:30 and Joy D headed home around 6. Barb says she really enjoyed her visit with Joy D. Barb had another breathing treatment and did another lap around the nurses station. I went to Walgreens and picked up an ankle brace for Barb to use temporarily. She says it helps a little.

She's sleeping now. I hope she gets a good nights rest, but she is scheduled for another breathing treatment around 2:30 AM.

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