Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sat night and Sunday Morning

Saturday night.
Unfortunately the patient in the room adjacent to Barb passed away last night. We do not know the details of his age or prior condition. Dear Lord, please be with his family in their time of loss.

Sunday morning / afternoon.
RN = Jim and PcT = Adrienne.
Barb is feeling stronger today. Her voice sounds stronger too.

Jim worked with Barb and she got up and walked in the hall twice. In between the walks she was given another unit of packed RBCs (transfusion). At some point while Adrianne was in the room the IV for the transfusion came loose and blood was getting all over. Adrianne was trying to reconnect it , but was having trouble. Jim came in & said "What are you doing girls?" . This was apparently quite funny somehow, but I think you had to be there, (Thankfully, I was home taking a shower and doing a few quick chores. )

Barb is pretty tired right now ad I think she will sleep soon.


Joy said...

I would just like everyone to know that I have been witnessing these baby steps and I have never been more proud of anyone. Mom is so stong and has such a wonderful attitude. Ma, your love of life and family is pulling you through this and you are doing it! I hope you sleep well. I love you.

Gillene said...

To the "WHOLE" wonderfully combined Cheney family I give credit for the strength Barb has to you all. I believe it is called Love! And I can speak for all the Turners, and say we have always felt like family members too. Barb you are an inspiration to us all as you go thru this pain to come out the other side to a stronger and healthlier you. I wish I was there to give you my shoulder to lean on as you get better. Bob you are Barb's tower of strengh but try to get some rest too. I will call soon.