Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday night

3:30 PM ish: Barb did another lap arond the nurses station. She did not feel whoosy.

Barb was weened off the Oxygen and is no longer using it

7:30PM Barb was feeling a bit "whoosy" this afternon, so the nurse (Kathy) wanted to be careful about her walking. Checked her blood pressure and it was 91 over 66. She wanted to wait an hour and check it again.

8:30PM Kristin checked Barb's blood pressure ... 95 over 65. She and Kathy discussed it. Apparently Kathy said to go ahead and walk with her. They said they would get her walk in as soon as they could.

9:20PM Barb is really getting sleepy and still has not had her third walk of the day. I went down the hall and snagged a cart and tried to talk her into letting me help her walk. Of course Barb does not want to "get in trouble". After some more discussion, I changed tactics. I asked / told Kristin I was going to help Barb myself. She called Kathy and they asked if I had walked with her before. (Yes, I hope following Barb and a nurse around counts). They OK'd it. Barb did another lap and headed for bed.

Maybe around 11:00 Pm? Barb is wide awake and feeling a little short of breath. Kathy checked her stats and they were Ok. She said it might help to get a little Oxygen. She set it to 1. I suggested a sleeping pill and Kathy gave her "Resterall" . Over the next half hour, Barb said she was feeling better and fell sound asleep.

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Angela2932 said...

Barb, you go, girl! You are like Rocky right now! Step by step, you're getting there. It really will get easier and easier, not as fast as you want, but you'll be so pleased with the end results! I wish I was there to cheer you on; don't let Robert (Bobio)pick on you too much. Remember, you have friends in high places (ND), and if my brother gives you too bad of a time, tell him you're calling me in! I'll take care of it for you.