Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sat evening

Barb did not have a very good day. The nurse and PcT seemed to be very busy with other patients. Adrianne sat Barb on the side of the bed to eat and Barb's feet really did not reach the floor. Her back started hurting and she felt like she was slipping. Barb wanted to get back in bed to support her back. I am not yet allowed to help. It took a long time to get Adrienne to come back to get Barb back in bed.

Barb is a bit frustrated because she was not strong enough to start walking yet. Many people say day 3 is the toughest.

Now the PcT is Lia and the nurse is Karen.
There are 34 patients on this floor with 3 PcTs. Not sure how many nurses. Barb is sleeping. I hope she feels better in the morning.


Beth said...

Hi you guys! Have been following this great blog. If it will make you feel any better, I had 4 units of packed red blood cells 5 years ago when I tried to bleed to death after sinus surgery. The blood supply is incredibly safe now. They test every unit of blood for tons of things. (they used to only spot test the blood supply) I had follow-up blood test at 6 months and a year to satisfy any concerns and I was fine. I would have another transfusion without concerns if it was at all warranted. So, Barb, don't give it another thought... just get stronger and get home where it is ever so much more pleasant. Take Care... You are much in our thoughts and prayers, Beth

Gillene said...

I stop and check your blog regularly because I have you all on my mind alot. This blog thing is a great way to stay in touch, one thing I have never used before. Again and again I want you all to know we send the best and warmest healing wishes your way, along with cuddley hugs filled with loves and laughs and probably a few tears thrown in here and there. XXXOOO