Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another update - looking a little better.

Dr Hamman's physician assistant (Terry) came by and talked to us. The plan is to have the surgery at 7:30 am as long as it is safe to do so. Barb can have food and water now ad up till midnight. They are ordering another chest X-Ray because, he can not tell for sure based on the report from Grapevine if she has a problem with pneumonia or not. (They only get the report, not the actual X-Ray.) Anyway, they will put her on Lacicks, and anti-biotic as a start.


Joy said...

Hi Everyone, Bob is right. This is very frustrating. But good thing is they finally fed her. She is here, eating. And pleased to have all of her children and Bob and Rob with her. John will be here very shortly. It is rare that she has all 5 kids in her presents at once and I think she is enjoying it. Sometimes out of bad comes a few good times and good. I know this will be a success and look forward to a very close day where the entired family is surrounding a healthly Mom at the lake.

Joy said...


Sister of mother earth herself,
My Mother.
Works, selflessly for her family.
Busy all day, yet she enjoys
A good story, romance or deceit.
Feels nature at her fingertips.
Tranquility in her flowers.
Disconforted by mess, naturally,
Socially, Politically.
My Mother,
The church yard in my mind,
Holy and pure like a candle.
Sight of brown, color of the earth,
Bring her into my mind.
My Mother.
She who has taught me most.
My Mother.
Taught me to speak, to love,
My Mother.

Mark Ruiz

Gillene said...

We are all thinking of all of you guys way over there. I've been remembering all our special & silly times together. My personal favorite is when Barb fell asleep on the blanket on the floor in our bathroom at the house in Colleyville! We haven't given up hoping that you'll come fall asleep on the floor of our bathroom over here! Soon? We love you guys!

Angela2932 said...

Finally made it all the way to Minneapolis, and put Brian on a bus for 12 hours of traveling back to Missouri with some very .. . . um. . . unique looking travelin' companions. I'm glad I got to get some updates today and how you're doing with all of this. hooray for surgery tomorrow! Barb,what will you do with all that energy when you get it! I'm sending much love, best wishes, and prayers your way.. .I can't wait to hear how well everything is going to turn out tomorrow!