Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday update.

Progress today:

Had the consult with the Cardio surgeon Dr Baron Hamman at Baylor Medical University in Dallas. He reviewed the test reports and CD of the Catherization from Missouri. discussed the options and will be going with a tissue valve.

Barb's surgery is scheduled for Thursday May 29th @ 7:30 AM
Doubled up on the Furosemide from 20MG to 40MG per day since her breathing has been getting a bit labored again. The Doc syas 20MG is a pretty low dose.
Went through tons of pre-admission paper work, another round of tests (Chest Xray, EKG and of course taking more blood for tests.

Tomorrow: Abscess tooth gets pulled at 2:30PM (Only time we could get after ranting that this Thursday is not soon enough)

I plan to drop Barb off in the morning at our daughter Joy's house and will be in the office shortly after that. Joy will take her to the Dentist.

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