Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update for Wednesday night and early Thursday morning

Shortly after Terry the PA left Barb had a meal and for the first time this week ate more than a nibble or two. I had a taste of the meat loaf and it was actually quite good. Not good enough to recommend a hospital stay just for the food, but pretty darn good.

Stuff done: Chest X-Ray, plenty of blood pressure checks, EKG, about five vials of blood drawn, (Very nice lady that went and got them all instead of getting the one she needed and letting the other tech come for his 4.) She was kind of funny too. She said when the skinny tech shows up that looks like he is 17 to tell him she already did his job for him --- again.

The nurses and techs have been very helpful and nice here too. Barb took a shower last night and the nurse did the Chlorhexadine Gluconate scrub for her. Barb had Coreg and Lasix and Potasium the a sleeping pill at 11:55. Nothing by mouth after midnight.

It's now 5:50AM and Barb tells me she slept well till 3:30 am. She's up, in good spirits and wants to Post some stuff herself, so I'm handing over the key board now.

Hi Every One!

To my family and close friends:; I went to thank you for all of your kindness, your prayers, your thoughts, your cards, and calls. Thank you for extending your prayers to your church groups. I'm looking forward to being part cow. So I sign off saying ..... Mooo (hee hee).

What I really want to sign off saying is" I love you all".

Barb Cheney


Janette said...

Barb and Bob, I am praying for you both! You have become a part of our family! We love you!!!

Regina said...

I am blessed to know and work with your wonderful daughter, Jane . . . just want you and Barb to know that the folks here at Knowles Electronics in Itasca are thinking of and praying for all of you.

Regina Salvador