Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update for Wednesday May 21

We are making progress. Barb had her tooth pulled on Wednesday afternoon. Joy took her to the Dentists and I only called for status maybe three times. All went well. The Dentist checked her blood pressure before and after. She used a local without epinephrine pulled the tooth and sutured things up. By the way, I could tell the Cardiac surgeon was not concerned about issues with getting the tooth pulled from a heart stand point. But the Dentist was very careful and concerned and we appreciated the caution..

Barb's cough was much better on Wednesday. A bit more coughing in the evening, but still better. She seems to be feeling a bit more energetic too.

She's still taking the same meds.


Casey said...

Glad to hear that her cough is getting better, those meds must be working and that is great. I saw Barb yesterday and although she looked tired she looked great! Very positive and upbeat!

Joy said...

I was with Mom most of the day today. Ma, you do seem to feeling better.

Mom is coughing less and I can diffinitely tell that the sinus and tooth infection is subsiding.

You are getting stronger everyday to take on this surgery. You can do it. I diffinitely is looking up. You are so much stronger than you think you are. Oh my gosh everyone, I watch her get that molar out yesterday. I have to was pretty cool! It was a gorgeous tooth. Nothing wrong with it except for the tiny bone lost at the tip of the root where the infection set in. What a shame. Ma, you handled that like a champ! I couldn't have!

Mom is doing really well everyone, if she would stop trying to do everything for herself!!!! :-)

i love you ma!

Joy said...

We go through life with wonders abound
Yet, not see the beauty that lives all around
The trees, flowers, mountains and waves
Stars in the sky or the sun shining days
Smell of the ocean or fresh falling rain
We focus on trials or heartbreaking pain
As we age and grow our vision grows weak
Yet wisdom shows in the words that we speak
Or the way we see the world in which we live
Instead of us taking, we learn how to give
A mother like you from whom I''ve been blessed
You who have always given nothing but the best
I love you and thank you for all you''ve been
Patience you showed me again and again
Comfort you''ve given when spirits were down
Smile you''ve shared that erased a sad frown
You are awesome, special, beautiful and pure
The best mom in the world of that I am sure.