Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

Well, I'm back at the hospital. No specific news on when Barb will be transported. Baylor Grapevine is waiting on Baylor Dallas to get a room ready. The side effects of the Finigan anti nausea medication finally wore off after about 3 hours and Barb is just plain exhausted. She tries to sleep sitting up and when she falls asleep for maybe 5 minutes, her head falls forward, interferes with her airway and she wakes back up. She started getting nauseated again and the nurse was able to get her a different med that does not make her jittery. I adjusted her bed a little and this keeps her head back so she managed to sleep for half a hour at least.

Her temp is 100.5 and they gave her the daily bag of anti-biotics.

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