Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday, Still making progress but kinda slow.

Friday afternoon:
The Nurse is Tamica and I think the PcT is Beatrice

Friday evening: Nurse last night was Suma and the PcT was Beatrice.
Dr Hamman came by and mentioned Barb is a little bit Anemic right now. He said a transfusion might be appropriate and has a slight risk. He said it's ultimately up to Barb if she wants one. Barb said she'd rather avoid it if that would be OK.

Saturday AM
Barb & I both got some sleep last night. I ca't really say how much.
RN is Rex and PcT is Adrienne
Sat up in a chair for around 45 minutes.
Had some nausea and started getting real groggy. Hardly ate anything at all. I'm concerned that if she can not eat she won't get over the Anemia on her own. We talked with Dr Hamman about it and discussed the risks of a transfusion. Roughly 1 in 1000 of getting a no A / non B form of hepatitis. Barb asked him to use his judgement. He said he would look at the numbers again. He had Terry (the PA) remove the chest tubes and this made Barb feel a bit better. Terry told her the plan is to get her up at least three times today for a walk.
I checked out of the Baylor Plaza Hotel since I only slept there 1 out of three nights. The 3 Js and I went to the Elbow room and had a bite to eat and a drink. When we got back to Barb's room she was still in bed and had only eaten a little lunch. Barb told me she will be getting a unit of blood. She asked for something and I said it was in her purse. (Uh OH..... I left it in a drawer at the Plaza). I quickly took a walk and fetched it.
2:25PM Barb is getting 1 unit of Packed RBCs (basicaly red cells)

Jane, Joy, John, Angie, Rob, Brent, Brooke and Austin visited today.

If you ever need ice on Roberts 13 the code is 3825

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