Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update for Thursday May 22nd

Barb was able to stay home today and rest.
She is feeling a bit better again today than yesterday and is coughing less.
Bob left for work around 10AM.
Joy worked from our house till 2:30. Tamara visited for a while and Kim our next door neighbor hung out for a while in the afternoon.

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Joy said...

Hi, today is atucally Friday. Come'on Bob, catch up:-)

Mom did awesome today. Stronger, less coughing but a bit nausious. We spent the day, working, sewing and checking emails. Angie showed up around 2:30 so I went to get the kids. Rob and Bob here now and Brent on his way. It's chicken taco's today. Mom is getting really strong for the surgery.

She is really in great shape for the shape she is in:-)

A True Mother's Love

A mother's love is consistent
and patient, it will never fade.
A mother's love is warm and
compassionate, even in the
shade. A mother's love will
always help you through the
weakest hours. A mother's love
is always like a bouquet of
flowers. A mother's love is
strong and will never steer
you wrong. A true mother's
love is beautiful in many ways.
A true mother's love is sincere
and it takes a mother's love to
conquer our fears. A true mother's
love knows the depth of love. A
true mother's love is contentment,
just like God's love. My mother's
love is absolutely all of the above.

Patarica D. Nunn