Friday, May 16, 2008

A few weeks ago Barb noticed climbing stairs left her out of breath. She thought she was just out of shape.

Tuesday May 13TH: Barb and I had a nice shrimp diner at the Circle S near Newark.
This evening she had difficulty getting her breath while laying down. She took a Clariton and it seemed to help right away.

Wednesday May 14th: We set out for Columbia, Mo. to attend Brian's graduation. Once again, Wednesday night she had trouble with breathing while laying down. She also started coughing quite a bit. This time, the Clariton did not seem to help. We hit the drug store and bought some inhalers and Mucinex.

Thursday night and still can't get any sleep. When she lies down, she can not get her breath and the coughing is just as bad or worse.

Friday May 16th 3:30AM: Off we go to the emergency room at University Hospital in Columbia, Mo.

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