Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday afternoon & night

Turned out to be a bad day. Barb's coughing got much worse and we packed her up & headed toward downtown. Joy sat i the back with Barb. Bob decided to route past Grapevine in case things got worse and had the GPS on standby for the nearest hospital along the way in case they got lots worse.

Barb started feeling pressure in her chest along the way, so we went to Baylor Grapevine's emergency room and she was admitted and spent the night. They do not share records yet with Baylor in Dallas???? They (Emergency room people, doctors, nursing staff, admissions, everybody.) were great though and took very good care of Barb. I could go on about having to answer all the same questions over and over, but their timing of when to ask them was fine so I won't. Dr Feingold was the on-call Cardiologist so he came in to see her and went over all the tests and prescribed some Meds. He even apologized for wearing casual clothes when he came in (I could care less if he was wearing a Toga. Barb was admitted to the hospital. Angie was ere till she had to go to work. Robert and John were here. Maybe someone else came too but things are a bit of a blur.

Anyway it was a rough night far Barb, but she is stabilized again. She was nauseated and they gave her a med called Phenergan . She did not respond well at all to it. It made her jumpy to the extreme. Really bad restless legs and she is practically hopping out of bed (No exaggeration). Joy Rob and John are also here.

I ran home to shower and grab some clothes. I spoke with Dr Theleman on the phone (Cardiologist associated with Dr Feingold) & he is arranging to transfer her to Dallas, so I need to head back. Dr Feldman also told me he knows Barry Hamman & that he is a great surgeon.

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