Monday, May 26, 2008

Update for Sunday afternoon / night

Barb is not happy at all with the Homedics blood pressure monitor. It hurts her arm. I tried it on me first and it does seem to press rater tightly but does not hurt my tough manly arm. We drove back to Wal-Mart to take her blood pressure. Their monitor does not work now. (Tried both of us and either we are both dead or it is broken.) We next went to CVS. It is a different type of monitor that measures using the fore arm rather than the upper arm. I tested it first before having Barb walk all the way to the back of the store. It says my blood pressure is 137 over 85. That seems high for me and the one at home said 117 over something. I had Barb come on back anyway. She has a nasty bruise on her left fore arm so she can not use that one. The CVS unit seems to be only set up for the left arm so I re-arranged their furniture and Barb tried the right. It would not get a reading. She tried twice.

We ate ice cream cones from Dairy Queen on the way home.

Barb slept well up till 3:30 AM and then woke up with lots of coughing. Nothing really seemed to calm it down, but at least her breathing is still good. She's up and about now, and the coughing has subsided for the most part. Joy and Brooke are here and Rob took Austin fishing at the "secret spot".

Angie and Brent on on their way here too.

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Angela2932 said...

hola, from mexico! First c hance to snag internet connection. looks like it´s been rough days for you, but hang in there! looks like improvement is in sight! i hope i get a few more minutes to read your blog before i´m bounced from this connection, but just wanted to send our love from the land of muy calor! Angela